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To collaborate with whomever is willing to find solutions to the global crisis of apathy and a lack of interest in matters that concern not only social and political issues, but the general working of the entire planet on which we are all dependant.

As stated in our first principal, no person should be under the control of another and our belief is that given the correct information and resources human beings would choose compassion and long-term sustainability.
By encouraging critical thinking, the harmful consumerist nature that is driven by mainstream media can be overcome. We hope to widen people’s perspective. And allow everyone to make fully informed choices. The scientific method of investigation should be universally applied to every aspect of society, and that includes the principle of modification of hypotheses.

The main objective of the Green SA movement is to educate to empower. The issues we are facing today could have been prevented. We can prevent more loss and damage and that is possible through a collaborative well-informed society motivated by advancement of our civilization and protection of our habitat. Common ground and common goals can be found in all sectors of the population. Effort must be put into recognising it and working towards those goals.